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Feb 11, 2013

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson Reunites in The Internship

If there's any Vince Vaughn film we're looking forward to it's none other than the remake of Starbuck, The Delivery Man, but his reunion movie with Owen Wilson which is likely to have loads of google jokes in The Internship.
 After the hilarious Wedding Crashers in 2005, the funny duo are back for a crash internship at Google. I have clarify though that this is not a sequel or anything. The Internship is a google comedy about two recently laid-off men in their 40's who tries to make it as interns at a successful Internet company where their managers are in their 20's.

The movie is directed by Shawn Levy (Real Steel). You certainly didn't came here to check for an intership but I now you googled your way here to know more stuff about The Intership! In theaters June 7, 2013.

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