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May 31, 2012

Bourne Legacy New Teaser Trailer Feat. Manila, Philippines

Look at what we have today! We got our hands to the full official trailer of Bourne Legacy. That's right! Universal Pictures has released the official theatrical trailer of the biggest action film of the year "Bourne Legacy". Partly shot in on different parts of the world, the new teaser features the slum areas of Manila Philippines, the infamous security guards, the becoming famous 'askals' (the domestic dogs of the Philippines or maybe national dog?), narrow alleys and running policemen, an old fashioned electric fan telling how outdated Philippines are in a scene where Rachel Weiz and Jeremy Renner might have sex and above all the epic spinning 'jeepney' scene. There's also the colorful Times Square-like area of Tokyo and a japanese having an epistaxis while looking at the sky. Some scenes in the snow and mountains! Looks like the fourth Bourne movie is going to tour us around different parts of the world.

What I personally love about the movie though is that it's topbilled by no other than Jeremy Renner and saying that there was never just one. If you think Jason Bourne has all the story, there's a lot more going on here! The Bourne Legacy will center on a new CIA operative in the universe based on Robert Ludlum's novels.

Filipino have taken over social networking praising the movie - very well. I guess, it's really more fun in the Philippines. :-)) I just hope Filipinos won't think that Americans who will visit their country are CIA/FBI Agents. Haha.

So be sure to watch the movie everyone's so excited to see! Hit on and watch the trailer now. :-)

Just a thought, while it's really impossible, if in case the 4th bourne movie will reveal in the end that Aaron Cross is Hawkeye, how would you feel?

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