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Oct 24, 2011

The Rum Diary Movie (2011)

It's nice not to see Johnny Depp in a non-Tim Burton film once in a while. While I can't wait for his film Dark Shadows, to see him portraying the best drunkard in the world is perhaps a relief of seeing him living in the real world.

So, here's Johnny Depp's upcoming adventure drama film entitled "The Rum Diary". Based from the novel of Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary movie follows Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp), a divorced alcoholic and struggling novelist who decides to kick around in San Juan until his ship comes in, working as a journalist for a newspaper that’s on its last legs, drinking gallons of rum and experimenting with LSD. With his new friend Bob Sala by his side, Kemp becomes entangled in a corrupt hotel development scheme with a slick PR consultant named Sanderson.

The Rum Diary also stars Richard Jenkins,Amber Heard and Aaron Eckhart. Directed by Bruce Robinson. The Rum Diary, from its get-go seems to be one of the most amazing film. We mostly see boozers run down any alley on our walks but we don't know how they end up like that.

The film that has absolutely Nothing in Moderation! Catch The Rum Diary in Theaters this October 28, 2011!

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