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Oct 30, 2011

Puss in Boots (2011) Movie Review

I really don't know how to put this feeling into words but I love Puss in Boots the movie but not totally. Like, it could have gone better. The movie promised to be an action/adventure film both adults and children would love and it succeeds at that. The humor is over-the-top since they used some silly yet naughty jokes all throughout the movie as well as nursery-rhyme punchlines which makes things even more interesting.

It was a fun and thrilling experience but it was just the last 15 or 20 Minutes of the film that I really didn't like. I want this movie review to be spoiler-free but I cannot promise that, still I'll try. It was the revelations in the story that had weakened the movie's potential.

From a seemingly wild-goose chase both literally and metaphorically the film went into a not-so-animated film when story centered on the emotional struggles which eventually lead to "a revenge story" by one of the primary characters. If you know what I am talking about then you would perhaps opt to see Puss, Humpty Dumpty and Kitty run for their lives from the Guardian of the Castle in the Sky. Flashbacks were interesting though as it offered a lot of cuteness especially when Puss was just a kitten and how heroic, funny and epic the story of "why he was given Boots" was.

The antagonists of the story, Jack and Jill weren't that remarkable at all. They look like they're only good as sidekicks which is partly true, actually. But oh! What the hell, another weak part of the story is the Mother Goose thing which didn't even feel like it was as dangerous as some sort of Godzilla-Monster-Destroying-A-Village.

That prevented the story to become cheesy and cliche, though but Puss just doesn't deserve to be on that mediocre subplot in the near end. Lastly, I hate Puss in Boots because it left me puzzled to whether Humpty Dumpty is dead or alive after the movie.

Okay, Okay. . .so this movie was suppose to be an adult-humor, action, adventure, animated feature but what the hell happened? A good moral was imposed in the end, in the most disappointing kind of way! That from within oneself lies a Golden Egg, I mean a Golden heart. O_O

Technical wise, the movie was almost perfect. Even so, I'm still disappointed!

Rating:  7/10

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