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Jul 18, 2011

True North Movie 2012

The director of the 2004 film Our time is up, Rob Pearlstein will come back to direct the comedy movie which he also wrote, entitled "True North".The movie "True North", will in fact be top-billed by The Hangover's Stu, Ed Helms!

True North movie will focus on a workaholic father to be played by Ed Helms who slips into a two-year coma after suffering through a horrific plane crash. (I wonder how he had survived?) So anyway, upon emerging form the coma, the once debonair man finds that he has undergone reconstructive facial surgery and looks nothing like his former self. He then must track down his family and reconnect with his former life.

So in that case, aside from the movie belonging under the comedy genre we might as well expected this to have at least a heartbreaking moment since it's all hard to accept that nobody knows you.Personally, the plot given deals with serious matter that it actually has a potential to become a maudlin plea.

It sounds like the comedic version of Unknown, it's like taking your life back after an accident movie.

I wonder who will play is his former self though. More updates soon so stay tuned!

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