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Mar 27, 2011

Iron Man 3 Villain Details: Mandarin is In!

Robert Downey Jr. will get to reprise his role as Iron Man in Iron Man 3.But who's going to play as villain in Ironman 3? That question of who's going to play is yet to be answered by Marvel but to who's going to be Tony Stark's villain on the 3rd franchise - it's none other than Mandarin.

To give you a little background on who Mandarin is.The Mandarin is a superb athlete with tremendous skill in the various martial arts. Through repeated practice, he has toughened all the striking surfaces of his body, especially his hands, which are covered with thick calluses. He can even split Iron Man's magnetic-beam reinforced alloy armor with repeated blows. So great is the Mandarin's martial arts ability, that he can even survive years without food and water, apparently sustaining himself purely via his mastery of chi. The precise degree of The Mandarin's martial art powers has been the subject of multiple implied retcons by Marvel Comics. Initially, Mandarin was portrayed as being such a superhumanly skilled martial artist that he could destroy Iron Man's armor with his bare hands.It mentions there chi, yes he's just got to be half-Chinese.

They might just reconsider the rumored Shaun Toub to play as Mandarin.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget he also has the power of his Rings! Not only is he a beast to reckon with fist to fist be he also draws magic from a set of Alien Rings that he found while searching a crashed spaceship.

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