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Mar 27, 2011

Narnia 4 Movie | Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Silver Chair

Narnia 4 movie: The Silver Chair is the first Narnia story without the Pevensie children. Instead, Aslan calls Eustace back to Narnia together with his classmate Jill Pole. There they are given four signs to aid in the search for Prince Rilian, Caspian's son, who disappeared after setting out ten years earlier to avenge his mother's death. Eustace and Jill, with the help of Puddleglum the Marsh-wiggle, face danger and betrayal before finding Rilian.

The official plot coming from the C.S Lewis is but compelling and sounds exciting but is Will Poulter fit for a lead role on the 4th installment? He might have done well on the Voyage of the Dawn Treader but with his incessant blabbering throughout the movie I'm quite not moved by how his character will develop on his own adventure.

I know 20th Century Fox and Walden Media are considering a 4th installment for the Narnia franchise. But with the Pevensie children out of the franchise it just doesn't feel right.Maybe they can still appear, that they'll know about what Eustace's doing in Narnia.

Chronicles of Narnia 4: The Silver Chair is an exciting movie to watch! I believe in that.

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