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Nov 15, 2010

Meet Pascal the Chameleon in Tangled Movie!

Isn't he Cute??
An animated film would feel dry if there ain't no animal to cheer you up! But you get more than cheering upon watching Tangled Movie because of this cute reptile chum Rapunzel has.Meet Pascal the Chameleon a sweet, suspicious but really cute pet you may spot or not in the Tangled Movie!

If you want to know more about Pascal then watch this teaser made just for him!! Watch Tangled Movie Clip Featuring "Pascal" now!

Pascal is considered to be as the most adorable Disney sidekicks!

If you don't really agree to why he's so adorable here are his expressions in an early concept art before the movie was set to production!

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Feral Female said...

Pascal is VERY cute!!

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