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Jul 26, 2010

Zac Efron Topbills Warner Bros. "Lucky One"

Hey Efron, are you flattered?

This friday is the premiere of Zac Efron's movie Charlie St. Cloud, and after that you will be expecting for his return on the big screen as Logan Thibault in the upcoming movie "Lucky One".It's going to be another movie adaptation of the famous Nicholas Sparks novels, and like most of his stories.Zac Efron (Logan Thibault) is going to look for something.His works are full of mystery anyway, and that's the way I think romantic movies should be as what they say "Love moves in a mysterious way".

So, According to Variety.com latest report, Zac Efron is still in negotiations to star in Warner Bros.' "The Lucky One,".The movie will be produced by Denise Di Novi and Kevin McCormick and is likely to be directed by Scott Hicks.

Heres a synopsis based on the book:

Logan Thibault has been walking a long way from Colorado with no one for company but his faithful German Shepherd. His destination - a vague location based on a photograph he found while serving in Iraq. A photograph that's proved to be a lucky talisman and kept him alive through many dangerous encounters. The photograph of a lovely young woman.

Why he's compelled to find her, even Logan doesn't know. But find her he must. What happens if or when he does makes for an interesting and romantic story.
Imagine, the High School Musical (Troy Bolton), or even the 17 again Mike O'Donnell in a US marine costume! Damn, it could have been action but this movie, is obviously a romantic one.So let's see if this will make us go leaking in the eyes like what most of us has felt with Nicholas Sparks' the Notebook.

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