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Jul 31, 2010

The Real Movie Blogging is Coming!

First of all I'd like you to know that this website isn't indexed by search engines yet.Therefore, I don't get any visits aside from myself and my friends.I still have to work with this thing they call link exchange, drop by similar websites and participate on their comments section,(you know marketing!?); and of course work well with my writing.But that's not what I am going to talk about here.I just need a lousy and irrelevant introduction and all.

You might be wondering why the site is bombarded by movie news.Let's just say that's one of my preparations.To whether it is effective or not, I'm not sure.But in a way, I feel a whole lot comfortable writing because I know the website has had contents even if they're just some lousy movie news I have gotten from big movie blogs and websites.All of which I personalized, re-posted, re-published and remixed.

But before we delve into this article, allow me to tell you that this is going to be my first time to go beyond the borders and reels of the Philippine cinema.Therefore, I am a proud Asian and a proud Filipino who will be sharing my opinions about Hollywood movies.So, bear with me because I have no contact with Hollywood,movie studios,artists,celebrities and directors.And of no native-English origin.With that I suppose you will just have to deal with whatever that comes out of my mind and whatever that might come into my nerves (most of the time!) Yeah I'm a movie ranter! Ha-ha-ha!

Having said that, I always find it easy to rant about the things I don't like about movies.Although, in the irony I damn love movies.While it is a no brainer that one of easiest thing to be in this world - is to be a faultfinder.I know that I'm not flawless, you might just pick on I grammer and spilleng but still I don't care!

Also,here I am going to be "The world's most trying hard movie critic".Somebody who will dissect the Best and Worst Movies in Hollywood.And somebody who will live with an undying passion for movies.Dreaming that someday, sometime I will get invitations from movie press conferences at Hollywood.(Ambitious!)

Being the movie buff that I am, I will write reviews about of course the movies that I feel like reviewing.But to those of which that I have watched and I didn't like - expect a rant instead.

Of my months of blogging about Tagalog movies (Filipino films), Friends,bloggers,classmates,etc.. had been asking me. . Of all the niches
"Why movies?" To answer this let me throw the question back to you. .Why not? What’s more fun to talk and comment on than movies? It's a simple as that but I'd like to elaborate more. .

Movies are like one of the most talked-about stuff worldwide.According to my observations, people talks about movie almost everywhere,any time.Consider what happened earlier as I wandered the shopping mall.While looking for books, the girl beside me giggled because she saw the last copy of Nicholas Sparks' "The Lucky One" (Well this is an upcoming movie though).A while later, I went to Mcdonalds to have my lunch and a group of students were talking about how they'd prepare themselves upon watching the so-acclaimed horrifying Filipino film entitled Cinco.Then by three o'clock, I checked on my plurk account and a friend got bashed because he liked The last Airbender movie (I like that too -Bash me now! Ha-ha.But that's another story).A little while later, I found myself searching for the book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"(I so want it).

Around 4:00, I saw someone who got almost hit by a car, I was with a friend right then and after that incident the first thing she said to me was that it reminded her of the death scene in one of the Final Destination Installments(when the a girl got hit by the bus -eww..gory!).Then later my friends and I were talking about watch movie should we be watching.I'm going with SALT! I love Jolie.And every now and then on our social sciences subjects we always get to have film viewing.(Urgh! Intellectual films).Another is that there will really be a lot of time that you will hear people talking about movies.

So to cap this off, at home I get to watch movies most of the time because of these Movie cable tv channels we're subscribed in to.It's like 24/7 movie nirvana for me! Wow, movie nirvana sounds good doesn't it.I might change movxpress.lols.

Well for those aforementioned events, I think it only proves how movies influences people and people loves movies and that's precisely why I am going to blog about movies.Simply said "LIFE is just like in the MOVIES".I love my life and so do movies!

Why Movxpress.com?

Why is there anything wrong with that name? I opted for that since Moviexpress isn't available anymore.Mov for movies, and Xpress for Express.I don't just love movies, I love to express myself through watching them.

Now I'm thinking, how do I end this? I really don't know.Maybe just end it the way I started it but I'm really not sure how to.Well since I started it irrelevantly, then I'll probably end it that way.So, this is my movieblog and if you're reading this then you are my first reader and I hope we can talk about stuffs in here.So get the hell on the comments page and tell me your story! Do you love movies like I do?

So there you go! The Real Movie Blogging is Coming and it officially starts here.Welcome to my new Blog!

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