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Feb 19, 2013

Zombies Vs Robots Movie

We really have know idea how this would work but with the zombie genre being pushed by The Walking Dead and the upcoming Zombieland series there may be a future for a futuristic approach to the zombie genre.

When the world is plagued with zombies robots are there to protect the world's last human, an infant girl. The movie is based from the comic book of the same title by Chris Ryall and illustrator Ashley Wood.

Transformers director Michael Bay is attached to the project through his film outfit 'Platinum' but as a producer. I wouldn't want him to direct this anyway but I'm sure he can provide some good futuristic visualizations on the film. If Zombies Vs Robots movie pushes I think it's gonna be worth a try, just like, Warm Bodies or we never know this could rank as the best movies of all time.

Just try to imagine a group of Wall-E's protecting Boo (Monsters Inc) from zombies!

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