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Feb 14, 2013

Psycho (1960) Movie Review

Psycho is one of those gems you often hear about if you're looking for a movie with a twist. It's also one of the highest rated horror films and an acclaimed one for being Hitchcock's most memorable if not best. So watching Psycho at present time is a must for cinephiles out there as well as hardcore fans of the horror genre.

But to whether everyone should see it depends highly to the quality of the film considering of course you have an open mind of watching old films and some of your preferences. But to make this simple you can ask us if it's worthwhile. And check out our review of Psycho for the answer!

When things don't go well between a couple or if love is hampered by impractical circumstances, the other half is inclined to go the other way around and fight for love. And that's how our protagonist Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) got her hands to a $40,000 cash she stole driving all the way to California where her lover Sam Loomis (John Gavin) lives.

On her way, she encounters a cop with a harbinger aura but also with a justified police motive. This is when Hitchcock fires off genuinely suspenseful moments that will make you bite your underlip. And you haven't even reached halfway yet. Suddenly, we succumb to paranoia. This the first Hitchcock film we watched and
his direction is really quite fast paced that before we knew it, Marion hits the break and we check-in into the Bates Motel. The script gets in your head too!

Soon after meeting the unusual Norman Bates who was adequately portrayed by Anthony Perkins, Joseph Stefano's writing gets more clever, layered and restrained. And as we near the highlight of the movie,The Shower scene, the music suddenly fades out like how our problems seems to get washed away like dirt when we take a bath. Finally, we see a woman stabbing Marion to the screaming accompaniment of Bernstein's score that will surely freak the hell out of anyone.

First half ends with a very well photographed drowning scene and from a suspenseful first half the script tightens as we are introduced to more characters which are by the way superbly acted by Vera Miles and Martin Balsam despite the latter's brief appearance.

Soon enough, since everything is given and the only mystery that needs some revealing is the most shocking twist in history of film. I'd like to end this review by saying that you need to find it out yourself because the story, performances, almost everything makes up to this totally worthwhile film.

PSYCHO stands from its merits, its standards and the genius of Alfred Hitchock.

Rating: 4/5

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