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Jul 6, 2011

X-Men First Class 2 Sequel (2013)

After the groundbreaking success of X-men First Class, comes yet another X-men movie revolving around the first class mutants.In an interview X-Men First Class Producer, Bryan Singer said and we quote "That's an idea that's been discussed. How the characters go through time. But only to a point – they can't age too fast!".

Although it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, James McAvoy have actually shed light on what's the sequel of X-men first Class going to be like.
"In First Class Xavier uses Cerebro for the first time and maybe it unlocks something in his head – maybe he can't keep the voices out or something. So in the second movie his journey could be about getting himself out of a mess. And then in the third movie he becomes… Patrick Stewart!"
Well I'm pretty sure that's going to happen! I can't wait to see Xavier again in the presumably entitled "X-Men Second Class" movie.lol. Well, they might just want to introduce more mutants, second class ones, on the Xmen First Class sequel!

Director Matthew Vaughn might be back to helm the 2nd and the 3rd X-men First class!

Anyway, more updates about X-men First Class movie sequel soon!

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