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Jul 11, 2011

So Undercover Miley Cyrus Racy Promotional Pictures!

Miley Cyrus the sensational teen star is just getting more controversial these days that people had been looking for Miley Cyrus' Racy Photos online! Well, what do I have to share about you guys that would make the title quite fit for this post!

We all know that Miley is currently working on an action comedy film entitled "So Undercover".And yes, being a so-undercover means you might get into some really big trouble somewhere. And Miley Cyrus, either portraying her role or herself has been spotted on a lacy red bra and orange sexy shorts, with her sitting on top of a man.

And to prove you that I am in anyway, not kidding - take a look at the photo below:

Well, what can you say about that? Here's a few more. .

"There will be a touch of real danger too when she goes undercover. We have a sharp, funny, accessible and commercial script from Allan and Steven that is a perfect match for her comic talents. We are also thrilled to have Tom Vaughan at the helm." Those are the words coming from Producer Nigel Sinclair - the Producer of So Undercover. Teehee!

So Undercover movie is directed by Tom Vaughn and also stars Allan Loeb and Steven Pearl!

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