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Jun 30, 2011

Chris Hemsworth Topbills Shadow Runner!

Deadline reported that Sony acquired the rights to a pitch for an action thriller entitled "Shadow Runner".And playing for the lead role is Thor's Chris Hemsworth which might again expose his gorgeous body in a mission impossible kind of way.

The film was based from an idea by Hossien Amini when an Israeli assassination team targeted a Hamas leader whom the Israelis believe murdered several soldiers and helped stockpile Iranian-made missiles. He was tracked to Dubai, and the Israelis managed to smuggle in an entire 17-person hit team to take him out in the corridor of a five-star hotel. The operatives were captured on a hotel security camera trailing after the victim, reemerging and getting on the elevator after he was killed.

I think this is great for chris,he is a natural actor and hopefully this will be a huge film for him.More updates about Shadow Runner real soon!

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