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Apr 6, 2011

Dylan Dog Movie

It seems like another best selling comic book is going to be adapted into movie. Dylan Dog movie from the Dylan Dog comics is an upcoming action thriller movie about the world's only paranormal investigator. 

Director of the film, Kevin Munroe have previously stated a few words about the movie in an interview.

Dylan Dog is a character that brilliantly mixes charisma, affability, and hard-driven principles. I couldn’t be happier with Brandon’s portrayal — he meshed all of those aspects into a charming action hero, funny as he was ass-kicking. I can’t wait to share his work with the world.
The movie was initially titled "Dead of the Night" as it's screen adaptation but now have stick with the original title and made "Dead of the Night" a tag for the movie.At first, I didn't pay any attention to the news encompassing the movie but then later on, after watching the trailer I believe this is one movie I think I should be watching.

We've become vampire and werewolves fanatic since the Twilight craze came on. A lot of vampire stories have been written but this classic story of Dylan Dog could beat the egregious monsters on such films. They do not only have Vampires and Werewolves - they have Vampires and other ferocious monsters too! What else can you ask for on a modern take of Dylan Dog?

Dylan Dog is starring Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Anita Briem and Taye Diggs.Coming this 29th of April!

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