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Jan 7, 2011

Season of the Witch Movie Trailer

Lionsgate is prepping up an action fantasy movie starring Nicholas Cage which is set in the 14th Century.Season of the Witch as we reported is the first fantasy film to hit theaters this 2011.It's an opening salvo for Hollywood movies. Here around, are movie trailers of Season of the Witch movie.

"As the Black Plague rages across 14th century Europe, one brave knight Lavey (Nicolas Cage), is tasked with transporting a girl (Claire Foy) suspected of being the witch who caused the pandemic to trial. Believing she is wrongly accused, Lavey and a group of wary followers fight through a mystical and treacherous landscape to a hallowed place where her innocence can be proved and Europe's curse can be lifted. Unbeknownst to Lavey, even darker forces await them..." (Source: Shock Till You Drop)

The movie Season of the Witch stars Nicolas Cage as Knight Lavey, Ron Perlman as Felson, Claire Foy as The Girl accused of being a witch, Stephen Campbell Moore as Debelzaq, Robert Sheehan as Kaylan, Stephen Graham as a swindler and navigator.

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