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Nov 20, 2010

Paranormal Activity 3 Movie (2011)

Paranormal Activity 3 will kick off giving again some real scares on October 2011.Yes, it has been confirmed and official.There's actually going to be a sequel to Paranormal Activity 2.I think the 3rd installment might just go into eye-popping 3D.That means, you won't just feel the scare, you will totally be scared.

Image Courtesy of: http://paranormal-activity-3.movie-trailer.com/
This docu film is surely going to be anticipated again.Personally, I haven't watched the sequel to the first Paranormal Activity but the thought that there's going to be another sequel or perhaps prequel is interesting enough to make me wanna watch it now!

Paranormal Activity 3 is going to be produced by Paramount Pictures just like the second movie.Imagine how the movie could make a lot of money considering in the first installment it was just an experimental film.The movie was directed by Oren Peli before but he's gotta go to some extra big bucks with the part 3 as producer of the film.With a budget of around 3 million dollars, it has grossed so far, a bounty of $157m worldwide.

What can you say about the upcoming sequel prequel whatever of Paranormal Activity? What would you like to see on the third installment? Tell us on the comments page below.

The third installment of the supernatural-horror franchise will hit theaters October 21, 2011!

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