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Oct 26, 2010

Robopocalypse Movie (2013)

Robopocalypse movie is an upcoming sci-fi film directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg.Robopocalypse is based on an epic novel by Daniel H. Wilson which is reportedly scripted by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield).

Yes, it's official! Spielberg is going to helm this sci-fi,thriller,action movie despite his BIG movie projects and hectic schedules.The news first broke at Deadline.But later on Mark Sourian of Dreamworks, announced last Monday that Steven Spielberg is going to direct Robopocalypse and that Spielberg will begin principal photography on January 2012.He also said "Robopocalypse embodies an imaginative story of a robot rebellion unleashed against the human race,"."This is a project we immediately sparked to and with Steven directing it we knew it was in the best possible hands to bring it to worldwide audiences."

Even before he starts filming Robopocalypse,  Steven still has to finish two films, which are Warhorse and Tintin: Secret of the unicorn.But given that Steven Spielberg as you may know him had been a notorious multitasker so he might just do Robopocalypse at the start of 2012..But then, I'm having doubts because Warhorse is going to be an ambitious film and I think it might just cause the delay, likewise with Tintin.

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