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Aug 11, 2010

Why do I hate Star Wars?

I know right! Most people love the Star Wars movie but that doesn't mean I have to love it just because they do, just because you do! obviously.To be honest I haven't seen a single flick of the movie.Well at least was able to watch tv commercials of it on several movie cable channels.I don't want to make this post any lengthy,for I don't want to judge the movie based on the tv spot trailers I've seen and most of all I don't want the whole Star Wars fans to take this against me so seriously that they'll bash me off with laser swords,guns,rifles and other out-of-this-world machineries.

So to answer the question above, asking Why the hell do I hate Star Wars? - then the answer lies all beyond you could have ever imagined! LOL.No really, I mean it Star wars is something I've never watched before.I think there is just something about sci-fi movies that doesn't entice me at all.Well I'm still not sure what that something is, but I'll try to figure it our for you.

Even though I sort of hate the movie, there are few of the things I know about the movie that I find interesting.I really like how some of the characters were named like Yoda,Chewbacca,R2-D2, Ewoks and C-3PO.I also like the fight scenes with laser swords but other than that I'm not sure and I don't know.

So I guess I'd leave you with the answer that Star Wars just wasn't enough to keep my interest for too long.And wasn't enough to make this post any longer.Till here! Blah. . blah.. blah..

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