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Jul 22, 2010

Watch Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Official Trailer Online

The first official teaser trailer of Paranormal Activity 2 Movie has leaked online now! Watch Paranormal Activity 2 Movie Official Trailer Online. A more intense documentary of a Paranormal Activity inside a family house is presented in the movie trailer.

In 2009 you demanded it, now nothing can prepare you for the most horrifying movie ever! A must-watch horror flick on a much bigger budget by Paramount Pictures.Watch out this 22 October 2010, in theaters near you -or better yet watch it out just right on the four corners of your room.Grab a camera for a proof!

The trailer features a baby in a crib, a dog, kitchenwares swaying making some noise in the kitchen, the same eerie sound and atmosphere and above all the silhouette of the possessed Katie from Paranormal Activity.

Oh! I just wish the baby doesn't die! and also the dog.Well, I hope all of them won't.But you know it's a horror movie! And not like any other horror movie.This elevates "horror" to an intense feeling in reality.

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