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Jul 17, 2010

Taylor Lautner Topbills "Abduction Movie"

Abduction is an upcoming 2011 thriller movie topbilled by Twilight Saga: star Taylor Lautner.Abduction is helmed by John Singleton, the man behind two great movies Shaft and Fast and Furious 2.Known for his good stance as a werewolf on a film based on Stephenie Meyer's Novel Twilight Saga's Jacob Black, die hard Taylor Lautner fanatics are going to be mad as hell waiting for another movie where he plays the lead character.Taylor Lautner will return in the silverscreen next year in a movie with a working title "Abduction".Reportedly, it was about a youth (Lautner) who discovered that the parents he knew for the long time are not actually his real parents.A revelation that triggered events and left him running for his life.

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