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Jul 20, 2010


After the groundbreaking. airlifting, out-of-this-world success of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie.Paramount is proud to reveal that Star Trek 2: Star Trek Movie sequel will start filming in January 2011.However,the movie release date of Star Trek 2 is tentatively slated on June 29, 2012.

Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are now working on the script of Star Trek 2.To give you some hints of what Star Trek 2 would be like.In an exclusive interview done by Blastr, Orci said and I quote below:

"I think the major lesson we learned is that fans were willing to accept differences and surprises, provided that they were somehow echoes or inspired by canon,"
"We still have to be true to Star Trek the next time around, but we've also been blessed with being able to be unpredictable. And that doesn't mean we can just be shocking for no good reason and just throw everything away. ... It still has to echo everything that Star Trek has been."

Exciting enough, I bet we will just have to wait for more updates about the movie. Tsk!

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